Feb 29 _Yin Xu

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def endCondition(crvID):
lenth = rs.CurveLength(crvID)
if lenth > 10:
return True
return False

def branch(crvID):
st = rs.CurveStartPoint(crvID)
ed = rs.CurveEndPoint(crvID)
trans = rs.VectorSubtract(ed, st)
newID = rs.CopyObject(crvID, trans)
return newID
def recursive(crvID):
newcrvID = branch(crvID)
cond = endCondition(crvID)
def initial():
st = 0,0,0
ed = 0,8,0
crvID = rs.AddLine(st,ed)
return crvID
def main():
crvID = initial()

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